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Please Send Us Your IPv6 Memes! (Or Deal With OUR Sense Of Humor…)

IPv6 On All The ThingsAs we mentioned on Friday, we’d like to have a little bit of fun with IPv6 in the midst of all the serious stuff we’re posting… so we figure that on the two remaining Friday afternoons before World IPv6 Launch we’d like to post some of the various memes floating around the Internet, tailored to IPv6, of course!

But to make this more interesting, we’re asking you all…


Otherwise, we’re going to come up with them on our own… and we’re pretty much going to guarantee that some of you will be way more creative than we are!

Please just send them to us at:

And as to creating them, a  search on “meme generator” will show you a whole range of sites that let you do this with various characters.

We ask only this – please include “” in the text somehow. Well, and we’d prefer no profanity as we are trying to keep this site “safe for work”.

We’ve already got a couple of ideas in for this Friday but we’d like to have a few more.   We’ll post the best ones and circulate them through our social networks.

Thanks… and we’re looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!