Deploy360 IPv6

Video: How To IPv6-Enable ANY Website Using A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Want a quick way to make your websites available over IPv6, even if your own web server is only on IPv4?

A “content delivery network (CDN)” (also called a “content distribution network” by some) can do exactly this, as I explain in this video about IPv6 and CDNs:

A CDN can provide an excellent way to make content available over IPv6. As I mention in the video, we’re maintaining a list of CDNs providing IPv6 capability at:

(with a shortened link of ““)

IF YOU ARE WITH A CDN THAT IS NOT LISTED, BUT YOU PROVIDE IPv6 SUPPORT, please follow the link on that page to let us know about your services.

If you are looking to quickly make your content available over IPv6, a CDN may be the fastest answer for you.  Check them out as an option!

P.S. If you think your websites will be IPv6-accessible by June 6, 2012, REGISTER TODAY  as an official participant in World IPv6 Launch.  Today is the final day to register as an official participant!