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World IPv6 Launch – Should Apple iPad/iPhone/Mac Owners Worry?

The quick answer is “No, IPv6 should ‘just work’,” but the longer answer is more nuanced, as Iljitsch van Beijnum outlines in his excellent piece at Ars Technica, “The future is forever: the state of IPv6 in the Apple world.” In the very detailed piece, van Beijnum covers:

  • the basics of IPv6 support in Apple devices
  • the use of “happy eyeballs” to deal with IPv4/IPv6 transition issues, and some of the issues that can cause
  • privacy addresses in IPv6
  • DHCPv6
  • IPv6 in iOS devices
  • IPv6 in the Airport Extreme base station
  • Firewall issues
  • Airport Utility 6.0 and the missing IPv6 piece

There is also a lengthy stream of comments (81 at the time of this post) that make for interesting reading as well.

The article is an excellent writeup about the status of IPv6 in Apple devices and it would be great to see such articles published for other operating systems and device ecosystems. (If you know of such articles, please feel free to leave links as comments.) Meanwhile, Apple owners should be glad to know that overall they are in very good shape for the impending transition happening with World IPv6 Launch in just over 12 days!