Join Vint Cerf On June 5th In A Google+ Hangout About World IPv6 Launch

Google+ Hangouts On AirWant to listen in live to a discussion about World IPv6 Launch with Vint Cerf, one of the “Fathers of the Internet” and currently Chief Internet Evangelist at Google?

Tomorrow, June 5, one day before the big launch, Vint Cerf will be participating in a Google+ Hangout On Air at 12 noon US Pacific time. He will be discussing what is happening as part of World IPv6 Launch and will be answering questions from reporters and others gathered in the hangout.

At 12 noon PDT tomorrow, you will be able to listen in via Google+ by going to the Hangout link on Google’s Google+ page at:

(The Hangout link will not be available until it is live tomorrow.  If we learn of another way to promote the link to the session in advance we’ll update this post with the info.)

The session will be recorded and made available on YouTube.  We’ll post a link here once the archive is available.