Netflix Now Streaming Videos Over IPv6!

With World IPv6 Launch happening on Wednesday, we were delighted to see the news that not only is Netflix making their website available over IPv6, but now they are actually streaming videos over IPv6!  Last week, Josh Evans posted to the Netflix Technical Blog an article that included this information:

For Netflix, our initial IPv6 deployment involves the Netflix website and video streaming on the PC and Mac platforms. We will follow on with other streaming platforms. There’s no action required for Netflix members. We’ll continue to support IPv4, and IPv6 will simply work when your ISP “lights up” support in their networks.

Netflix had joined the list of World IPv6 Launch website participants back in April, but it is outstanding to now receive word that their streaming infrastructure will also support IPv6.

Kudos to the Netflix team for making this happen – and this provides a huge boost to video content availability over IPv6!  Now, native users of IPv6 will be able to stream video from both YouTube and Netflix… who will be the next video provider to embrace the future of the Internet?