Internet Governance

IETF 84 – A public policy angle

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meets next week in Vancouver, Canada (29 July – 03 August).   As we did during the IETF 83 in Paris, the Internet Society will be hosting five public policy guests in Vancouver  – this time from Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Guatemala, and Trinidad & Tobago.   You can learn more about this program on page 28 of the recent IETF Journal.   Our goal with this program is to provide an opportunity for policymakers to learn about the IETF – its processes, its work, and its principles – and to give them a chance to meet with experts within the community on a range of technical topics that may have an impact on Internet public policy in their countries.  For example, this time, we’ll have discussions about IP routing, security and management of key Internet resources. In the end, we hope that these policymakers leave IETF 84 with newfound respect for the IETF, for the openness of the community and for the quality of the work produced by the IETF.  We also hope that our policy guests will encourage engineers from their countries to attend future IETF meetings and contribute actively to making the Internet work better!

– Sally Shipman Wentworth