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National Contributions to WCIT – What Is Your Government Going to Say?

ITU Member States are developing contributions for the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) and preparing for the upcoming regional preparatory meetings, many of which take place over the coming few months.  The provides an opportunity for Internet stakeholders:  reach out to your government and find out what the process will be to develop a national submission on WCIT

Ask them:

  • Will it be open and participatory?  
  • Is your government looking for input from their domestic stakeholders?  

Internet Society Chapters and members can and should be a resource for policymakers as they navigate the complex and difficult issues raised by the ITRs.   As ISOC’s Mexico Chapter leader, Alejandro Pisanty noted, “the key is for us to step up chapter work at the national level to inform communities…and create a sober, credible, communicable message to spread out.”  

If you want to know more about the WCIT, you can find information on our website:

So, tell us:  how is your government preparing for the WCIT?  Is there an open and transparent process in your country?  How are you involved?   Send us your comments – we’d like to share the experiences around the world with the Internet Society community!  

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– Sally Shipman Wentworth