Deploy360 Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

Wow! Dramatic Growth in DNSSEC-signed Domains in .NL

Wow!  Per a tweet from Bert Hubert of PowerDNS we learned of this very dramatic graph of growth in DNSSEC-signed domains in .NL (click on the image to see the most up-to-date numbers):

DNSSEC-signed domains in .NL

That is quite the “hockey stick” jump in DNSSEC usage!  On July 2nd there were around 15,800 DNSSEC-signed domains in .NL and at the time I write this post there are 84,407!

In response to my query about what occurred, Bert said only that a PowerDNSSEC user enabled DNSSEC. Bert was also quick to point out in other messages I’ve seen that this fantastic growth is not exclusively because of PowerDNSSEC but that the PowerDNSSEC team worked hard to make it happen.

According to discussion on the dnssec-deployment mailing list, there are about 5 million .NL domain names. So in just a couple of days the .NL space has zipped by 1% and is fast on the way to 2% of all .NL domain names being signed!

Excellent work by all involved and it will be interesting to see how much farther it climbs!

P.S. I’ll note that just in the past few minutes while I wrote these last couple of paragraphs, the count climbed from 84,407 to 84,913!