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Cyber Espace de B‚Äčoulkassoumbougou: End of Training of Trainers' Workshop

ISOC MALI and its partners have terminated Friday 21st of September 2012 a two weeks long Workshop aiming at training new trainers for the Community Grant Project “Cyber Espace de Boulkassoumbougou. 

They were eleven primary school teachers of Boulkassoumbougou to attend the workshop, some of them putting their hands on a computer for the first time of their live.
Two Senior Trainers of INTERNET SOCIETY MALI (ISOC ML) performed the hands on sessions during the two weeks and the participants (6 femqles and 5 males) discovered the Ubuntu OS, OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice Calc uses they could put in their daily professional life.
ISOC ML uses the immersion methodology to conduct beginners from deep computer illiteracy to current users in just 2 weeks.
The Boulkassoumbougou Primary School computer room, will be build around 45 units of the credit sized PC board Raspberry Pi set in a network with 2 classical servers. All the resources (pedagogical, scientific and bureautique) will be installed on the servers.
At this time, the Primary School is renewing the computer rooms by setting glasses at windows and doors to reduce the dust, painting the inner walls and bringing new tables and chairs.
Images of the workshop and participants will be posted shortly on this blog. 
Diallo Iam, President d’ISOC MALI