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Got an IPv6-enabled app? Enter this Application Contest for a 10,000 Euro prize!

Have you created an application that does something unique or interesting with IPv6?  Or makes use of new capabilities that come with IPv6?   Or have you expanded an existing application so that it now works with IPv6?

If so, consider entering the International Application Contest 2012 sponsored by the IPv6 German Council.  As noted on the page about applications, the contest is open to “companies, groups or individuals of any nationality” and has a first prize of 10,000 Euros!  The deadline to apply is October 24, 2012.

Do note the judging criteria listed further down the page:

  1. What contribution is made to create a new Internet experience?
  2. How will the contribution promote and spread IPv6, the next Internet protocol?

It’s great to see contests like this out there – and we look forward to seeing what applications are submitted.

Want to get started with your application? Check out our suggestions for developers!