Stop Two on the ION Express: ION Ljubljana!

IONAfter wrapping up an enlightening ION Conference in Mumbai, we are now moving on to Ljubljana, Slovenia to host ION Ljubljana on 19 October, co-located with the Slovenian IPv6 Summit, 18-19 October. Richard Jimmerson and I (Megan Kruse) will be there to chat with you about all your IPv6 and DNSSEC needs!

As we continue in our quest to arm you with valuable information about IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment, we are hosting our second 2012 ION Conference in beautiful Slovenia. ION Ljubljana will provide hands-on DNSSEC training and high-level discussions related to IPv6 and DNSSEC to IT professionals, business leaders, and technology providers. Our number one goal is to make the IETF standards implementation process user-friendly and our FREE ION Conferences provide the platform for thought leaders to impart their deployment know-how with those that need to know how-to!

Below is an outline of our ION Ljubljana agenda, including an impressive list of speakers – if we do say so ourselves. There are only a few spots left for the ION Conference in the morning and our DNSSEC Training Workshop with Olaf Kolkman in the afternoon!  If you are interested in attending this event, register here, and do it SOON!

ION Ljubljana Agenda


  • Borka Jerman-Blažič, Internet Society Slovenia Chapter

IPv6 in the Enterprise: Real-World Deployment Experiences

  • Jan Zorz, go6 Institute
  • Lee Howard, Time Warner Cable
  • Irena Nikolova, Google
  • Alain Fiocco, Cisco

Consolidating Best Current Operational Practices Repositories

  • Aaron Hughes, 6connect

Deploying DNSSEC: From End-Customer to Content

  • Olaf Kolkman, NLnet Labs
  • Daniël Federer, SIDN
  • Carsten Strotmann, Men & Mice
  • Benjamin Zwittnig, ARNES

World IPv6 Launch Results

  • Richard Jimmerson, Internet Society
  • John Brzozowski, Comcast
  • Jason Fesler, Yahoo!
  • Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCC

DNSSEC Training Workshop

  • Olaf Kolkman, NLnet Labs

If you are unable to join us in Ljubljana but would like to learn about the important topics discussed, please check the ION Ljubljana page after the event to find the featured presentations and other highlights. We can’t wait for this event and we look forward to revealing the insights shared by industry experts. Remember, the Internet Society’s mission is to promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world. The ION Conference series is one of many programs that support this worthy mission.

For those who are interested in learning more about any of the ION conferences scheduled for 2012, please visit the links below:

These conferences are your opportunity to ask the experts what you need to know as you deploy new technologies like IPv6 and DNSSEC. Please join us as we traverse the globe, teaching the IT community about the important lessons learned in the deployment of new technologies and providing insight into the future of the Internet networking landscape.