Internet Governance

Dr Hamoun Touré “opening session”

Among all the speakers of the opening session, Dr Hamadoun Touré  was  certainly one of those most expected! Why? Because of the Internet Governance perspectives after the next meeting of Dubai : WCIT where ITRs will be reviewd which can impact serioisly the shape of the Internet of tomorrow. Dr Touré, said that IGF is an excellent exemple of the Multistakholderism where everyone and every group is represented and work together for the commun goods. We know from his speech that the next WSIS will be in Geneva next year between 13 and 17 May. However, Touré has once again reminded the audiance that what is actually said by many observers about WCIT and espacially the fact that ITU want to take over the Internet, is rediculous ! He Added taht ITU wants really to work together with all stakeholders (ICANN, etc…) for the good of human kind so that all the world can benefit from an equitable and affordable Internet. However, we know that ITU works differently from other Internet organisms and this point will surely constitue one of the key points of next WCIT and Internet therefor.