Internet Governance

IGF – Can it make an impact

Can IGF make an impact – Are governments present here today to talk and discuss about Internet Governance ?

Finland rep. is here and a panelist. A point made is that there is a declining number of government participation. There is a suggestion to support the governments of developing countries. We are doing our best is being proposed.

Other major point of discussion is about ITU is that is “whether governments really want to take over the internet” – ISOC is here and there is suggestion that stakeholders should move out of there comfort zone and come forward and make a difference all together and be more participative. Participate in OECD – Open process and a few committees were created to create advisory for supporting policiies or developing new supportive foras. But the fora is very restrictive for NGO status who are not governmental.

My personal take is that the work is being done but it still is restricitve from the civil society. I come back to two community status which is Technical Community and Civil Society. Are we able to make the difference ? But it is important right now to know whether the IGF does make any difference alltogether. (Perhaps yes or perhaps no)

For some time now i’m wondering whether it is not only a showoff just to make sure that the main communities do not hamper the governmental controls of the internet? Perhaps guys…anyone out there can tell me what that is all about? What do you think and what really makes a difference?

But this IGF still is interesting as we are able to share best practices. I am realistically puzzled though are we not going in circles and not making a difference. A good remark “let’s talk and understand each other”. Let’s not make politics out of IGF and use it as a platform for understanding.

It looks like the general message being sent out today a common platform to talk and understand and then take back to home and try to make use of the knowledge gathered.

So where do we stand?