ION Ljubljana: Beauty AND Brains!

SloveniaAmidst the majestic Alpine peaks of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 19 October the Deploy360 Team hosted the second ION conference of the year. ION Ljubljana was part of the Go6 Institute’s 7th Slovenian IPv6 Summit, one of Eastern Europe’s top IT events, providing progress reports, notable achievements, and best practices in the transition to IPv6.

All who participated in ION Ljubljana not only learned about the latest developments in emerging technologies, but they had a great time doing it! Go6 Institute’s Director Jan Žorž took hospitality to a new level. At the close of each day’s information-packed sessions, attendees took in breathtaking views, fresh mountain air and a few frosty beverages in the garden of Brdo Technology Park. Additionally, Jan helped organize two entertaining dinners for conference speakers and participants; the first was sponsored by Telekom Slovenije and the second by Next Generation Firewall, the Go6 Institute, and Palo Alto Networks.

As with ION Ljubljana’s precursor, ION Mumbai, the content delivered by industry experts was outstanding!

Highlights from ION Ljubljana and the Slovenian IPv6 Summit include:

  • Check Point’s Robert Hinden’s noteworthy stat that Slovenia has the highest percentage of IPv6-enabled sites in the Alexa Top 50 by Country was met with a round of applause.
  • The DREN’s Ron Broersma proclaimed that he could confidently justify his trip to his US peers by asserting that Slovenia is in fact the number one country for IPv6 deployment.
  • Ron continued to heat up the audience when he stated “We plan to not allow .gov domains to be renewed if that organization has not met the mandates for IPv6 – and maybe DNSSEC as well.”
  • NLnet Labs’ Olaf Kolkman delivered a highly engaging DNSSEC workshop. Attendees walked away armed with the knowledge and tools to begin securing their DNS with DNSSEC including: the fundamentals of DNS and DNSSEC, DNSSEC validation, signing of domains with DNSSEC, tools for working with DNSSEC and troubleshooting DNSSEC.

To view the archived video and slides from all of the sessions, please visit the ION Ljubljana Agenda. We are extremely thankful for Arnes live streaming the event and facilitating excellent remote participation! 

The Deploy360 team is hard at work building dynamite agendas that feature superstar speakers for the remaining ION Conferences, just around the corner in December:

If you can’t join in person, please monitor the ION event pages as we continue to post the slides and (usually) video. We are thrilled with the intelligence that has been gathered so far from this year’s ION Conference series. Our upcoming ION events will feature unique perspectives from esteemed industry experts; we’ve also added a new panel to the mix for ION Sao Paulo: Government: A Pivotal Player in IPv6 Adoption.

As the worldwide ION Conference series rolls along, we accumulate more/better/fresh data, continuously enhancing our resources for YOU!