ISOC Panel at IETF 85 – "Internet Untethered?"

By Megan Kruse, Outreach Manager

Many of us at the Internet Society will be busy this week at IETF 85 in Atlanta. One of the things we've been working on is our "Internet Untethered?" panel happening tomorrow, 6 November, at 11:45AM. The details:

Location: Hilton Atlanta
Date: Tuesday, 6 November 2012
11:45am-12:45pm (local time)
Audio Stream

From the abstract: 

The mobile data network world has changed significantly in the course of the last 4 years as game-changing smartphones have come online, tablets are hitting the scene.  Users have taken up these devices with enthusiasm, and put them to uses not ever envisioned by their creators or the operators of the networks that support them.  And with increasing speed and power (of devices and mobile data networks), users are expecting broadband Internet experience while on the move.  This panel will explore the evolution of the mobile data network reality through key questions.

How have these new devices impacted the evolution of mobile data services  and offerings of mobile Internet, especially in terms of bandwidth management?

What are the key factors in evolving from a mobile data service to mobile Internet?

Many ubiquitous web-based services (Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter) are increasingly accessed through dedicated applications on the smartphone. What are the drivers for this and where is it taking the Internet user's reality?

The Internet Society's Leslie Daigle will moderate the panel, with Cameron Byrne (T-Mobile), Victor Kuarsingh (Rogers Telecom), and Pete Resnick (Qualcomm) joining her for what is sure to be an extremely interesting discussion. The event is fully booked onsite, but anyone (whether attending IETF 85 or not) can tune in to a live audio feed when it starts at 11:45AM tomorrow morning. 

Please join us!