Deploy360 IETF

Meet The Deploy360 Team At IETF85!

If you are at IETF 85 this week in Atlanta, the Deploy360 team will be represented by Megan Kruse. She’s very much interested in speaking to people about their challenges with deploying IPv6 and DNSSEC – and how we can help with accelerating that deployment.

You can expect to find Megan in many of the IPv6-related sessions and other associated events.  If you’d like to reach her directly to coordinate a time to connect, your best route will be either:


Twitter:  @deploy360

She’ll be monitoring both channels and can get back to you to arrange a time to meet.

As to the other Deploy360 team members, Richard Jimmerson is speaking today in Toronto as part of the Canadian ISP Summit and I’ve unfortunately had to stay home due to some family medical issues.  I will be participating remotely via Jabber, though, so if you are in the chat rooms for various sessions you’ll probably see me there.  I will look forward to meeting up with many of you at IETF 86 in March in Orlando.

It’s looking like a great week in Atlanta with all sorts of activities going on.  If you are there and can meet up with Megan, she’d be glad to get your feedback and understand how we can help you with your deployment of IPv6 and DNSSEC!