Internet Governance

What it means to be a Next Generation Leader (NGL) in the Internet Space?

At theĀ ISOC Ambassador program pre-IGF orientation, the question of what Next Generation Leadership in the Internet Space entails was asked. The first and returning ISOC ambassadors in the room responded in turn that Next Generation Leadership includes the

  • utilisation of personal and professional networks to facilitate and encourage local multi-stakeholder dialogue on internet governance issues
  • education of citizens on internet governance
  • demonstration of how the multi-stakeholder model has worked
  • need to empower citizens in the internet governance space
  • desire to create new opportunities for the local community via capacity training and grant funding.

The importance of the bi-direction flow of input was also highlighted, so that it is not only critical to take away information and ideas from the IGF but also to add our individual local perspectives to the IGF Discussion. In becoming part of the Internet Governance discussion many assumptions based on existing knowledge are made, whereas ISOC Ambassadors have the ability and benefit of coming into the conversation with a keen fresh and evaluative look at the IGF. Further, the geographically and professional divergence of each ISOC Ambassador is also quite representative of the world and scopes of interest (respectively), thus adding to the valuable perspective provided.