Improving Technical Security Internet Governance


Security [Cybersecurity] is a complex issue with many different aspects that requires the multistakeholder community to work together to address protection, stability, and reliability of the communications infrastructure:
  • To promote cooperation and collaboration among all stakeholders
  • To enhance the integrity of the international telecommunications network
  • To establish mechanisms to promote robustness
The Internet model of developing collaborative standards and policies in an open and broad based consensus process by international experts is one of the best vehicles for achieving real security. This model has been successful in improving cybersecurity with the deployment of secure virtual private networks (VPNs) and encryption protocols, DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC), secure protocols for data exchange and a more secure routing system through the development of security enhancements to Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP). This model of consensus and international cooperation will instill confidence and create an environment of trust in order to address the many challenges of improving cybersecurity.
For further information see:
Internet Society paper, Some Perspectives on Cybersecurity: 2012