Google+ Available Over IPv6

Googleplusipv6For those of us who are fans of Google+ and also IPv6, we were pleased to note that Google+ is accessible over IPv6.

Now, it may have honestly been this way for a while, but a Google+ update from Wes Hardaker made me pay attention to this fact.  Using the outstanding IPvFoo extension for Google Chrome (similar to the IPvFox add-on for Firefox), I could easily see that yes, indeed, my connection to Google+ was over IPv6.

It’s always interesting to click on the IPvFoo icon in my browser address bar and see what is not coming to me over IPv6, and in this case it seems to be ads being served by DoubleClick and whatever content is coming from

Googleplus ipv6

However, everything else is coming in over IPv6!

Now, sometimes that does change, I’ve noticed, but I expect that is simply a result of Chrome’s “Happy Eyeballs” implementation where it may sometimes find IPv4 to be faster than IPv6.

All in all it’s good to see… now we have both Google+ and Facebook accessible over IPv6.  Now we just need to get Twitter over IPv6!

P.S. While you’re over on Google+ checking this out, how about adding our Deploy360 page to a circle and giving us a +1? We’d love to interact with you over there.