Internet Governance

WCIT: Monday December 3rd

The WCIT conference officially began on Monday, 3rd December 2012 with over 1000 people registered from over 130 countries. At the opening ceremony, the ITU Secretary General spoke along with a recorded speech from the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, the WCIT Chairman, Mohamed Nasser Al-Ghanim, and ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehade. Speeches from the opening ceremony may be read here.
Monday afternoon’s opening plenary was largely (but not exclusively) a procedural and organizational discussion. The conference will have 5 committees, the bulk of the substantive work will happen in Committee 5, chaired by Ghana. Committee 5 is broken into two Working Groups. Within those Working Groups, specific issues are sent to smaller ad hoc groups to work out text. It’s a complicated process!