Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! After a fantastic 2012 we’re looking forward to bringing you even more real-world deployment information this year about IPv6, DNSSEC and now our latest topic of Routing Resiliency / Security.

The question is… what will you do in 2013?

Will you deploy IPv6 in your network?  Will you sign your domains with DNSSEC?  Or deploy DNSSEC-validating resolvers in your network?  Will you look at ways to make your routing infrastructure more resilient?

The second question is… how can we help you?

What can we do to help you deploy IPv6 or DNSSEC?  How can we help you better secure your routing?

Please let us know… we want to help you makeyour networks stronger, more flexible and more secure… and in doing so make the open Internet just that much better!