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Video: Government As A Key Player In IPv6 Adoption

In this session from ION Sao Paulo moderated by Christian O’Flaherty, panelists Jiří Průša (Czech Republic), Cristiano Hauck Chevitarese (Brazil), Régison Martins (Brazil), and Shernon Osepa (Curacao) discussed how their own governments and agencies have worked to encourage IPv6 adoption across the region. From the session abstract:

Experiencing a 40% increase in its unique IP address count over a single year, Brazil’s recent boom of Internet connectivity emphasizes the country’s need to support IPv6 migration. A panel of international experts will discuss the critical role that governments play in advancing IPv6 adoption, including those governments that have successfully mandated agencies deploy IPv6 protocol on public-facing websites and email services. The dialogue will identify governmental drivers for IPv6 adoption while panelists outline the goals, approach, accomplishments, and challenges of their respective government’s transition to IPv6.

Two of the panelists had slides to accompany their points. Both slide decks and the full video archive of the session are below.



ION Sao Paulo – Jiri Prusa: Policies and IPv6 from Deploy360

ION Sao Paulo – Cristiano Chevitarese: Government: A Pivotal Player in IPv6 Adoption from Deploy360