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APNIC Offering DNSSEC Training in Mongolia April 1-3

APNIC logoWe noticed that our friends over at APNIC are offering DNSSEC training in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, from April 1-3 and since, well, we’ve never written anything about Mongolia on this site before, we figured we ought to do so!

The course is APNIC’s DNS/DNSSEC workshop and sounds like an excellent offering.  Given that APNIC was recently tweeting about this event we are assuming there is still space available.

The training session is one in a whole series of training workshops APNIC is offering on topics including DNS/DNSSEC, IPv6, Routing and more.

Given that Mongolia’s .MN TLD is signed with DNSSEC (as shown in the list of signed TLDs), we’re looking forward to seeing more signed .MN domains and more usage of DNSSEC in Mongolia after this workshop!