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Deploy360@IETF86: Day 2 – Routing (SIDR, KARP, GROW) and NAT (PCP, BEHAVE)

IETF LogoFor the Deploy360 team, Day 2 of the 86th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) yields an IETF86 agenda that primarily focuses for us on routing issue and network address translation. We’ll start the day off looking at routing in embedded networks then return into secure routing between networks.  We’ll then look at authentication in routing followed by protocols and methods of working with NAT and finishing out the day attending a session on global routing operations.

General information about participating remotely can be found on the Remote Participation page – specific info for the groups we are following is included below.

0900-1030 Tuesday, March 12

Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks (ROLL) – Caribbean 3
This working group is looking at what needs to be done for routing packets in embedded networks such as industrial networks, connected home networks and other sensor networks (sometimes called the “Internet of Things”).

I’ll note that the Aggregated Service Discovery BOF happening at the same time also looks like an interesting session and something we’ll probably want to monitor. The proposed AGGSRV charter explains the problem of service discovery that it is trying to solve.

1030-1130 Tuesday, March 12

Secure Interdomain Routing (SIDR) – Caribbean 1
This is the second session at IETF 86 of the primary working group dealing with routing security issues that we are now looking to cover in the future in our Routing Resiliency/Security section of Deploy360. There will be some good discussions here related to BGPSEC and RPKI that should be quite interesting.

1145-1245 Tuesday, March 12

While not directly related to what we do here at Deploy360, we’ll be at the “ISOC@IETF” panel on the topic of:

Internet Society Briefing Panel at IETF 86: “Content is King; How Do we Avoid Playing the Pauper?”

The Internet has stimulated innovation through disruption in any number of areas, not the least of which is redefining what it means to be a “publisher” — of written, audio, video or other content. As everyone — people, for- and not-for-profit businesses alike — becomes a publisher, what are the next steps needed in order to ensure that content is treated as its creator desires. That may mean restricted use, or facilitating widespread use. This is not new — when the first anonFTP indexer was created (Archie), it surprised some authors who thought they were sharing private draft copies of their manuscript on an FTP site. On the flip side, every now and then a photo or a video “goes viral” on the Internet generating interest and awareness beyond the creator’s capacity to track it.

Are there ways that Internet application layer infrastructure standards could be extended to capture the content creator’s intentions of use of digital content, to be as open or as restricted as that creator desires?

Given that we are a publisher of content, this general topic is certainly of great interest to us. Unfortunately, all the seats have been reserved in the session so there is no room left to attend, but you can both listen and watch the session here:

1300-1500 Tuesday, March 12

There are two groups of interest to us in this time period.

Keying and Authentication for Routing Protocols (KARP) – Boca 2

The KARP working group examines how to add communication security to routing protocols in the form of message authentication, packet integrity, and denial of service (DoS) protection.

Port Control Protocol (PCP) – Caribbean 1

The PCP working group looks at how to enable communication from applications across middleboxes such as Network Address Translation (NAT) devices and firewalls. The group is looking at solutions for both IPv4 and IPv6.

1520-1650 Tuesday, March 12

Behavior Engineering for Hindrance Avoidance (BEHAVE) – Caribbean 1

Continuing an afternoon of NAT, the BEHAVE working group looks at NAT issues as they relate to the interconnection of IPv6 and IPv4 networks.

1700-1830 Tuesday, March 12

Global Routing Operations (GROW) – Caribbean 1

The GROW working group looks at the operational aspects of the IPv4 and IPv6 global routing systems

And after all that, we’ll be a bit tired but will be heading out to the one night of IETF that is a social event. Given that it will be at the Harry Potter section of Universal Studios, one can only imagine the photos, eh? 🙂

P.S. For a broader view of the Internet Society’s interest in IETF 86 beyond that of just the topics we cover here at Deploy360, please see our “Rough Guide to IETF 86’s Hot Topics“.

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