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Deploy360@IETF86: Day 3 – Lots of IPv6 with a bit of Routing

For us within the Deploy360 Programme, Day 3 of the 86th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)  is all about IPv6, IPv6 and more IPv6, with a tiny bit of routing thrown in for something different.  Two of the “big” working groups related to IPv6 meet today.  The Sunset4 working group is looking at what happens when you really start shutting down IPv4, and the V6ops working group is back again with more discussion of operational guidance around IPv6.

General information about participating remotely can be found on the Remote Participation page as well as the IETF86 agenda – specific info for the groups we are following is included below.

0900-1130 Wednesday, March 13

Softwire – Caribbean 2
The Softwire discussion continues from Monday with more looking at ways to connect IPv4 networks across IPv6 networks and connecting IPv6 networks across IPv4 networks… both important aspects of encouraging IPv6 deployment.

Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) – Caribbean 5
The IDR working group supports the use of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) version 4 within IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The group works on maintenance of the BGP protocol as well as new extensions.

1300-1500 Wednesday, March 13

Sunsetting IPv4 (SUNSET4) – Caribbean 2

The Sunset4 working group is looking at issues around the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and specifically at issues related to the shutting down of IPv4 and working in an IPv6-only environment. One important piece of work right now is related to developing a “gap analysis” between IPv4 and IPv6.

1510-1710 Wednesday, March 13

IPv6 Operations (V6ops) – Caribbean 5
Today v6ops will address several interesting drafts around design choices for IPv6 networks, security, operational guidelines for data centers and suggestions for the use of Unique Local Addresses.

1740-2010 Wednesday, March 13

IETF Operations and Administrative Plenary

While the operations and administrative plenary doesn’t usually directly relate to what we do here at Deploy360, it is a useful session to keep up with what changes are going on within the IETF as an organization and to learn about the current state of the organization.

And after that… we may try to have a team dinner, assuming we still have any energy left!  🙂

P.S. For a broader view of the Internet Society’s interest in IETF 86 beyond that of just the topics we cover here at Deploy360, please see our “Rough Guide to IETF 86’s Hot Topics“.

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