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“Introduction To DNSSEC” Animated Videos Uploaded To YouTube

With the buzz over Google’s news about DNSSEC yesterday, we’ve seen a large surge of visitors to our DNSSEC-related resources and in the midst of that someone pointed out that the excellent introduction to DNSSEC video from Shinkuro, Inc., was no longer available on YouTube. Given that we work well with the Shinkuro team, we reached out to them and found out that while they maintain a copy of the video on their site, they had not been responsible for the YouTube version.  With their permission, we have now uploaded the video to our Deploy360 YouTube channel and can make it available for embedding and viewing:

The silent animated video was created back in 2006 but continues to be an excellent illustration of how the DNSSEC process works and the threats it protects again.  Thanks again to Shinkuro for making the video available.

As we note on our resource page about the video, there is also a second version that doesn’t include the text narration on the right side that some of you may find useful if you want to show a video about DNSSEC and provide your own narration.  (In fact… it might be an interesting exercise to take this second video and create versions with voice-overs in a number of different languages – if you do that and create a version, let us know and we’ll look at linking to your video.)