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Open Public Test of NAT64/DNS64 at Go6lab

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 9.09.31 AMGo6lab has created an open public test of some implementations of NAT64 and DNS64. Anyone with IPv6 connectivity can now test different NAT64 implementations by simply setting their computer’s recursive DNS servers to one of those specified on the Go6lab NAT64 test instructions page. Then just turn off IPv4 and start using your computer as usual.

This would direct traffic to the corresponding NAT64 implementation in the Go6lab, and with changing the DNS IPv6 address on your computer you change where the traffic goes. Go6lab is using public IPv6 addresses as NAT64 prefixes so everyone can truly see how an IPv6-only environment looks, what works, and what breaks.

Some basic info and explanation how NAT64/DNS64 works

Go6Lab’s instructions specifically state that this testing setup is open to everyone and is meant as a protocol test and not as a performance test of NAT64 implementations. (For performance testing of NAT64, contact Go6lab to schedule a test session).

They’d like to hear your feedback on what works for you, what breaks, and which implementation you like the most.

There are other implementations from other vendors coming to Go6lab and we’ll keep you posted as they add new options to the setup.

Quick hint from Go6lab test instructions page on how to setup your computer:

Ecdysis NAT64 with Unbound DNS64: set your DNS to 2001:67c:27e4::46

Ecdsys NAT64 implementation is running in a virtual container on proxmox server.
NAT64 routed prefix: 2001:67c:27e4:641::/64
Quick ping6 test if up&running: ping6 2001:67c:27e4:641::d42c:6c64

PaloAlto Networks Firewall NAT64 with BIND9.9 DNS64: set your DNS to 2001:67c:27e4::64

NAT64 implementation is running in PAN500 firewall box.
NAT64 routed prefix: 2001:67c:27e4:64::/64
Quick ping6 test if up&running: ping6 2001:67c:27e4:64::d42c:6c64

A10 Networks NAT64 implementation: set your DNS to 2001:67c:27e4:1002::64

NAT64 implementation is running on a A10 AX 3200-12 hw.
NAT64 routed prefix: 2001:67c:27e4:642::/64
Quick ping6 test if up&running: ping6 2001:67c:27e4:642::d42c:6c64