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Video: What are “Negative Trust Anchors” for DNSSEC?

What are “negative trust anchors” for DNSSEC? What function do they perform? Why do we need them? In this video, Dan York interviews Jason Livingood about his Internet-Draft on this topic and answers these and other questions:

The Internet-Draft can be found at:

Jason and his co-author are seeking comment and would appreciate feedback from people about this draft – does it make sense? Would you use it? Do you see any ways to improve their ideas? Their email addresses can be found at the end of the document and they are definitely open to feedback.

Jason Livingood is Vice President of Internet & Communications Engineering at Comcast and is one of the co-authors of this draft.

More information about DNSSEC can be found at the Deploy360 website at:…

This interview was recorded at the 86th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in March 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA.