Sponsoring the Maniacs

This summer the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) will meet in Berlin but before the meeting even gets underway, teams of students from around the world will be coding and competing to win the Maniac Challenge 2013. The MANIAC Challenge is a competition to better understand cooperation and interoperability in ad-hoc wireless networks. The specific focus of this year's challenge is on developing and comparatively evaluating strategies to offload infrastructure access points via ad-hoc forwarding using subscriber handsets (e.g. smartphones and tablets). The incentive for subscribers is discounted monthly fees, and the incentive for operators is decreased infrastructure costs. The idea is to demonstrate scenarios and strategies that do not degrade user experience while offering significant mobile offloading savings for the infrastructure.

We're sponsoring this competition by offering participants a free pass to attend the IETF meeting that follows the conclusion of the competition. A key part of IETF culture is 'running code' – shorthand for prioritising interoperable implementation above theorising about the best way to do something. The Maniac Challenge is a great opportunity to develop better networking technology through competition with interoperability and objective, measurable performance results at its heart.

A presentation on the results of the competition and recognition of the winners will be made during the Internet Research Task Force Open Meeting during the IETF meeting week, and ISOC's support will allow all participants in the event to attend the full meeting week to get fully immersed in the proceedings of an IETF meeting. The Internet and the IETF have their origins in the networking research community and we hope that new, young researchers from around the globe take the opportunity afforded by the Maniac Challenge to both demonstrate their networking prowess and to participate in the IETF where new opportunities for collaborating with the engineers that help to build the Internet abound.