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Watch LIVE Today – INET Denver: IPv4 Exhaustion and the Path to IPv6

INET Denver logoWant to learn the current state of IPv4 address exhaustion and corresponding IPv6 deployment in North America?  Interested in learning about the state of the market for IPv4 addresses (i.e. the cost you may incur if you don’t move to IPv6)?  Want to learn what ARIN’s latest policies are around IP address allocation?

If so, you can watch the livestream of the INET Denver event happening today, April 17, starting at 1:00pm US Mountain time (3:00pm US Eastern, 12noon US Pacific) at:

The INET Denver agenda includes sessions on:

  • IPv4 Exhaustion Update
  • IPv4 Exhaustion at ARIN
  • Address Policy Workshop
  • Evaluation of Current Transfer Market
  • TCO of IPv6
  • Internet Society Initiatives and How To Get Involved

The event has an excellent set of speakers who are extremely knowledgeable in the field – it should be a great event!

Note that if you cannot view the event live, it will be recorded so that you can watch the sessions later.

As we mentioned previously, Richard Jimmerson and Jan Zorz from our Deploy360 team will be there and would be glad to meet with anyone there to talk about what we are doing here and to get feedback on how we can help get IPv6 deployed even faster.