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4 Outstanding IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC

Want to understand what various IPv6 transition mechanisms are available to help you with the move to IPv6?  Interested in understanding the differences between “6in4”, “6RD”, “NAT64” and “DS-Lite”? (Or what they even are?)

If so, our friends over at the RIPE NCC have put together a set of four IPv6 transition videos that are excellent ways to learn about these technologies. Using animations, these videos provide easy explanations of what each transition mechanism is all about, what a service provider needs to think about and how to go about implementing each mechanism. Perhaps most importantly, the videos explain when you might want to use a certain technique.

IPv6 Transition Videos From RIPE NCC


The page for each video also includes links to relevant documents for people wishing to learn more.  The videos are also all out on YouTube which makes it easy for the videos to be shared or embedded in other websites.  They are also viewable on both desktop and mobile devices.

Kudos to the RIPE NCC Training team for creating these excellent videos and we hope they do help people understand what options are out there.  Let’s get out there deploying IPv6!