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Great news! .TV and .CC Now Signed With DNSSEC

Great news out of Verisign today – they have signed the .TV and .CC domains with DNSSEC!


Per ICANN’s TLD DNSSEC report, this means that we’re now at 107 TLDs out of 317 with DS anchors in the root zone.  Great to see!

So now… if you have a domain in the .TV or .CC TLDs, you, too, can benefit from the increased security of DNSSEC and can ensure that people connecting to your domain are in fact getting to the servers and sites you want them to connect to.

Given that the TLDs were just signed today, it may take a few days for registrars and DNS hosting providers to support connecting .TV and .CC domains into the global chain of trust… but it can’t hurt to ask those registrars and providers when they will provide this support! 😉  For more information, see:  How To Secure And Sign Your Domain With DNSSEC Using Domain Registrars.

Kudos to the teams at Verisign, .TV and .CC for making this happen!