Internet Governance

Opening day at the World Telecommunication Policy Forum

The WTPF is well underway. On Day One, Tuesday, 14 May, the majority of the day was spent hearing opening statements from stakeholders.It was encouraging to hear many governments stress the importance of the multi-stakeholder model. Discussions on this topic are sure to pre-occupy stakeholders throughout this meeting. Internet Society‚Äôs CEO, Lynn St. Amour, was one of the many stakeholders that provided opening statements. She stressed that “those who favor the existing model of multi-stakeholder development should redouble their efforts to understand the underlying concerns of governments. These governments are concerned about inter-alia security, privacy and consumer protection. Governments have a stake in these areas, and they need to be part of the Multi-stakeholder discussions.” You can find the full text of ISOC’s opening statement here.

The second half of Day One saw the meeting discuss Opinion 1 on IXPs and Opinion 2 on Broadband. Stakeholders provided their views on these issues, discussing the importance of iXPs as a long term solution for connectivity and the overall importance of broadband deployment.  ISOC introduced their views on these two Opinions as contained in ISOC’s contribution to the WTPF. ISOC is a strong supporter of IXPs as a means for keeping local traffic local, improving traffic delivery speeds, and reducing latency as they are a key component of a larger ecosystem.  ISOC noted the important issue of broadband infrastructure deployment and development.  ISOC’s contribution to the WTPF can be found here. The meeting was able to quickly reach consensus on the existing Opinions, stressing the importance of consensus and the extensive discussions held prior to the WTPF to shape these Opinions.

Day Two will include debate on IP Addressing issues (Opinions 3 and 4), multistakeholderism, and enhanced cooperation (Opinions 4 and 5). We anticipate that there will be a robust discussion on Opinions 4 and 5.

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