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Switzerland Edges Out Romania As Top In IPv6 Adoption (via Google)

Switzerland IPv6 stats via GoogleBy way of a message to the “ipv6-ops” mailing list this morning we learned the fun fact that according to Google’s IPv6 Statistics Switzerland has edged out Romania as the country with the most IPv6 adoption coming in at 9.47% versus Romania at 8.63%.

Given that Romania has held the lead in IPv6 adoption for quite some time, as shown in Eric Vyncke’s comparison stats, the rise by Switzerland is quite interesting to see.

I’ll note that some of the other IPv6 statistics sites do not yet show Switzerland with the same percentage as Google, but this may have to do with both methodology and timing. For instance, Eric Vyncke’s web browser comparison uses Google’s data and so tomorrow may show the higher percentage given that today it says it is based on yesterday’s data.  Regardless of the exact measurements, Eric’s chart for Switzerland shows the dramatic climb, as does a chart from APNIC using a different measurement system.

As to why the jump in IPv6, a message to the ipv6-ops list indicated that the carrier Swisscom has been turning on IPv6 and this is backed up by APNIC’s stats for Swisscom.

Kudos to the team at Swisscom who is making IPv6 available!  It’s great to see… and now we look forward to seeing how long Switzerland will retain this lead – or what country will be next to take the leadership crown in IPv6 adoption.