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IPv6hackers Group To Meet In Berlin on July 28, 2013

IPv6 hackersInterested in IPv6 security? Want to see presentations by people working in the field? If so the members of the “ipv6hackers” mailing list are planning to hold their first face-to-face meeting in Berlin on July 28, 2013, the Sunday prior to IETF 87 in Berlin, Germany.  From the announcement email:

We’re planning to have our first in-person meeting on July 28th, 2013, in Berlin (most likely in the afternoon, between lunch and the IETF welcome reception). The venue would be either the IETF venue (InterContinental Berlin), or some nearby hotel/room (to be confirmed soon).

We’re planning to have some presentations (which MUST be accompanied with code 🙂 ), and might also have an IPv6 mini-hackathon (i.e., work on code, test implementations, try stuff).

Fernando Gont has asked people who are interested in attending to complete a short survey so that he can know how many people are planning to attend.

If you are interested in IPv6 security, I have found the IPv6 hackers mailing list to be a useful list to monitor as a good number of IPv6 security researchers do participate in the list.  You can see from the archives some of the topics that are discussed. It is open for anyone to subscribe.  There is also a LinkedIn group but as Fernando notes he created the group to help people connect on LinkedIn not as a discussion forum – discussion happens on the email list.