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New Tutorial: Making Content Available Over IPv6

mcaoipv6-01-nativipv6How can you best make your web content available over IPv6? What are the different strategies you can use? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using dual-stack, load balancers, 6to4, NAT64 and proxy servers?

On this, the 1st anniversary of World IPv6 Launch, we are delighted to publish a new tutorial on this exact topic.  Titled simply “Making Content Available Over IPv6“, the new document is available at:

The tutorial is written by Sander Steffann, who has a great amount of experience with IPv6, and covers the steps for how you can make your content available over IPv6 using:

  • Native IPv6
  • Using load balancers
  • Using IPv6-to-IPv4 proxy servers
  • NAT64

He provides some excellent diagrams and examples of configuration files and assesses both the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.

We encourage you to take a read through this document and please do let us know if this helps you make your content available over IPv6!