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RIPE Labs Reports on IPv6 Readiness of Today’s Networks

To what degree are network operators engaging with IPv6? How ready are they to deploy IPv6? Those were the questions RIPE Labs’ Antony Gollan took on in his post today on the RIPE Labs blog in celebration of the 1 year anniversary of World IPv6 Launch. The RIPE NCC, the regional Internet registry (RIR) for the European region, uses a measure they call “RIPEness” to rate the IPv6 readiness of their members (who RIPE refers to as “Local Internet Registries” or “LIRs”). As he shows in the chart, the situation has improved in the past year:


He also touches on an effort to create a “fifth star” of IPv6 RIPEness that would measure whether LIRs are providing content over IPv6 and providing IPv6 access to end users. He also goes on to talk about their measurements showing the percentage of networks announcing IPv6 prefixes into the global routing system – and provides an excellent chart showing the growth (you’ll need to read the post to see it).

It’s great to see these measurements and statistics from RIPE NCC that coincide so well with the information we’re seeing out of other IPv6 statistics sites, including the World IPv6 Launch measurements.