Telstra Rolls Out IPv6 To Business ADSL Customers

telstra-logoWe were very pleased to learn (via ZDNet) that Australia’s largest telecommunications company, Telstra, has just rolled out IPv6 connectivity to all of its business ADSL customers.  Using a dual-stack approach of allowing both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, Telstra’s David Robertson said in their news release:

“As stocks of IPv4 addresses diminish globally, we need to continue moving to the new addressing system. By dual stacking IPv4 and IPv6 in our network, customers can opt into IPv6 in their own time, and according to the lifecycle upgrade of their own equipment. We’re developing the network capability so customers can commence the move to IPv6 as it suits them.”

and noted that they expect to move to a position of always supplying IPv6:

“In coming years we expect that IPv6 will become the norm and customers will need to opt-out if they wish to use IPv4.”

It’s great to see Telstra enabling Australian businesses to use IPv6 and congrats to their technical team for making it all happen.