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Video: IP-Spoofing / Routing Best Practices Panel at RIPE 66

Can we stop the spoofing of IP addresses? Is the problem serious enough to warrant high-level attention? Are there best practices for routing that the larger community should be engaging in? What are the real challenges with stopping IP spoofing? These are the questions addressed in a recent post by our colleague Andrei Robachevsky, “Can we stop IP-spoofing in the Internet?” and a corresponding panel at the RIPE 66 event in Dublin, Ireland, in mid-May.

If you are are interested in this topic of how we increase the security and resiliency of routing, we highly recommend both reading Andrei’s article and listening to the panel presentation from Dublin. (Click on the image below to go to the RIPE66 page where you can view the video.)


Slides are also available but they were primarily used to frame the introduction to the panel. The real content is in the panel discussion itself.

Please visit our Anti-Spoofing topic area to learn more about this general topic of how to make the Internet’s routing infrastructure more resilient and secure.