Comcast Now Enabling Users To Easily Find Out IPv6 Status In Their Area

UPDATE – 6 April 2020 – In the seven years since this post was first written, Comcast has migrated their entire network over to IPv6. Given this success, we assume they decided there was no point in continuing their “” site and so it now redirects simply to Congratulations to Comcast on their great with enabling IPv6 across their networks.

Are you a Comcast customer wondering when you will ever get IPv6?  If so, we learned by way of a tweet over the weekend that Comcast has now made it easy for customers to know if they have IPv6 or will soon be getting it.  If you are a Comcast customer, you simply need to go to where you will see at the top of the page the current status in your region.  Here is a screen shot from one of our team members who is a Comcast customer:

Comcast IPv6 ready

As shown in Comcast’s blog post, if both your regional “CMTS” and your cable modem support IPv6 you will see that you are now using IPv6.  If your CMTS (the equipment on Comcast’s network to which your home cable modem connects) supports IPv6 but your cable modem does not, you will see the message above that our team member saw.  There is also, of course, a message saying that IPv6 is not yet available in your area.

It’s great to see Comcast making this kind of on-demand checking available for customers and we look forward to day when it is no longer necessary as IPv6 will be fully deployed. Congrats to the Comcast IPv6 team for rolling out this tool!

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