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Over 8% Of Internet Users Now Use DNSSEC Validation, per Geoff Huston

Yesterday Geoff Huston published a long post on CircleID titled “DNS, DNSSEC and Google’s Public DNS Service” where he walks through the ongoing DNSSEC measurement efforts he and his team have been doing using flash-based advertisements.  I recommend reading through the entire post, but the key part I was pleased to see was simply this:

Since March 2013 we’ve seen the proportion of end users who use DNSSEC resolvers that perform DNSSEC validation rise from 3.3% to 8.1%, or a rise of some 4.7%.

As Geoff notes, most of this rise was due to DNSSEC validation now being performed by Google’s Public DNS service, but his article has some fascinating statistics about where Google Public DNS seems to be being used.

He also lists the countries with the highest percentage of DNSSEC-validating clients.  To no surprise given their long involvement with DNSSEC, Sweden came out on top but a number of the other countries listed may not be the ones you might expect.

It is all very cool to see and I look forward to watching these percentages grow over time!