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The Legacy IP Only / IPv6 Horse And Buggy Stickers – How To Get Copies…

After we tweeted last week about the “Legacy IP Only” horse-and-buggy stickers that we received from Virginia Tech, we had a great number of people asking us about where to get these stickers.  As we noted in a subsequent tweet, the source of the sticker is Phil Benchoff at Virginia Tech and the image is available from his Flickr account:

The image was also re-implemented as a SVG file for those who want that image format.  Any of the images are available for download so that you can print your own stickers.

For those people interested in actually purchasing a number of these Legacy IP Only stickers, Phil has created an “IPv6 Promotion” community within Google+ to help coordinate bulk purchases… and potentially to help promote other stickers, shirts and products that promote IPv6.

It’s certainly a fun idea and we’re glad to see the sticker out there!

Legacy IP Only sticker