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Friday Humor: “Keep Calm and Enable DNSSEC” (and IPv6, too!)

keepcalmandenablednssecGiven that it’s a Friday afternoon and the end of our work week, I felt there was no better way to end the week than to highlight the image tweeted out by Marco Davids of SIDN this morning.  Yes, indeed, we in the DNSSEC community now have our own version of the (overused?) “Keep Calm” Internet meme…

(And you can get the full-size version via Marco’s Twitter account.)

Now in seeing Marco’s tweet, I learned of which I kind of knew had to exist out there somewhere, but had just never taken the time to find.

So… in order that IPv6 advocates don’t feel left out… I’ve created a “Keep Calm and Enable IPv6” image as well!  (And yes, I tried fitting both DNSSEC and IPv6 in, but didn’t like the result.)

Anyway, thanks, Marco, for giving us something to smile about today!   Have a great Friday afternoon… and for those of you have a weekend ahead of you, I hope you have a great one!