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Network Computing: IPv6 Adoption On The Rise

networkcomputingWe were very pleased to see the article “IPv6 Adoption On The Rise” appear in Network Computing last week where author Tom Hollingsworth wrote about some of the new IPv6 adoption statistics coming out of the folks at RIPE NCC.  As he writes:

The more interesting number comes again from RIPE when you cross reference the number of IPv4 prefixes that are also announcing IPv6 prefixes. Almost 70% of the IPv4 address space is being announced by networks that also announce IPv6. That’s pretty impressive. When you break it down by the size of the IPv4 network, it gets even better: The majority of networks with more than 100,000 IPv4 addresses are announcing IPv6 as well.

All of which is great to see!  Looking at the specific RIPE NCC graph he references, I find it great to see that over 20% of networks in the APNIC region are already advertising IPv6 prefixes.

All in all just yet more signs that IPv6 adoption is moving upward!  Have you deployed IPv6 yet?  If not, why not?  How can we help you?