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4 Sessions About Routing Resiliency/Security At IETF 88 Next Week

IETF LogoNext week at IETF 88 in Vancouver the topic of routing resiliency/security will be covered in a variety of different working groups.  Our colleague Andrei Robachevsky outlined what will be covered in a post on the “Internet Technology Matters (ITM)” blog: Rough Guide to IETF 88: Routing Resilience.   We’re looking forward to those sessions and you can expect to find me in most of them.  My particular interest is in what is happening within SIDR right now, but in truth all of them should be interesting.

I’d strongly suggest reading Andrei’s post to understand what’s going to be going on with routing.  Here are the relevant working groups and times.

NOTE: If you are not going to be in Vancouver next week, there are multiple ways that you can participate remotely in these working groups, including audio streams and Jabber chat rooms.