IPv6, DNSSEC, and More at Broadband World Forum Next Week

BBWF13-Branding-Dates-CroppedNext week I’ll be at Broadband World Forum (BBWF), participating in several Internet Society activities related to IPv6 and security (including DNSSEC). As we’ve mentioned over on the Internet Technology Matters blog already, we’re organizing a (free!) Security Workshop on the trade show floor, an IPv6 Session as part of the main BBWF agenda, and a booth on the trade show floor. BBWF takes place from 22-24 October. Both the IPv6 session and the Security Workshop take place on Tuesday, 22 October.

Security Workshop

BBWF organizes “content hubs” on the trade show floor with a variety of educational content. We’re hosting a Security Workshop in Content Hub 2 on Tuesday, 22 October, from 1:30PM – 3:00PM. From the abstract:

“In this session, experts from the Internet Society and major organizations will describe three main areas of Internet security:

  • Network security – Organizations of all sizes must protect the usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of their networks and data to protect against routing misconfigurations and attacks, IP-spoofing, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • DNS security – To prevent hackers from taking over servers and website traffic, we must introduce security and authentication into the domain name system.
  • Email security – To protect your organization’s sensitive, private, and valuable information, we must introduce secure email technologies.”

IPv6 Session

During the “IP Evolution” track, on Tuesday, 22 October, from 4:45PM – 6:15PM, Phil Roberts has gathered six network operators to discuss their experiences. The first part of the session will be individual presentations from Swisscom (Switzerland), KDDI (Japan), and Everything Everywhere (UK). The second part is a panel discussion with representatives from Deutsche Telekom (Germany), RCS & RDS (Romania), and Comcast (United States)

From a recent blog post:

All of these speakers have deployed IPv6 in their networks and are eager to share their experiences with you. In both the talks and the panel we hope to explore what IPv6 deployment looks like from inside a network operator who has done it. How much of the traffic is IPv6 and what is it made up of mostly? And how has having IPv6 deployed impacted their plans for network growth going forward?

Internet Society Booth

We’ll also be in Stand #G14 on the trade show floor to talk about the Internet Society, our work in technology, policy, and development, and why you should get involved.

Join Us!

Note that anyone can get a free exhibition pass to attend the Security Workshop and visit the Internet Society booth. The IPv6 session is only open to paid BBWF delegates.

Depending on connectivity on the trade show floor, I’m planning to live tweet the Security Workshop via our @isoctech Twitter handle using #isocbbwf, so tune in on Tuesday starting at 1:30PM local time in Amsterdam.

Hope to see you there, or online!