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Protecting Your Network: At BBWF, We’ll Discuss Network Security, Email Security, DNS Security

“Security” is spoken of often, but it’s a difficult concept to incentivize, and even more difficult when you’re talking about the security of the global Internet infrastructure. We all know that users, businesses, and governments benefit from a secure and reliable Internet, but while there are good standards and operational practices related to the key building blocks of Internet Security, we’d live in a safer Internet if more of them were widely deployed.

On Tuesday, 22 October, at the Broadband World Forum, I’m moderating an Internet Society Security Workshop in Content Hub 2 on the trade show floor. We will look at three building blocks of Internet security: DNS, email, and network infrastructure, including routing. Together with leading experts in these areas, we will explore what needs to be done, any potential stumbling blocks, and whether there is a business case for making these technologies more secure globally.

Security issues cost time, money, and customer confidence. With so much interconnection and interdependency on the Internet, we have to manage risk collaboratively to achieve effective security for everyone. An action (or inaction) by any organization may present the Internet ecosystem with either a challenge or an opportunity to benefit us all. Only by managing both ‘inward’ risks and ‘outward’ risks – those that could cause problems for other networks around the globe and ultimately harm us all – can we make the Internet more secure and resilient.

We have really top-notch speakers lined up for this session, including:

  1. DNS Security (DNSSEC) – Olaf Kolkman, Director, NLNetLabs
  2. Email Security (DKIM, DMARC) – Elie Bursztein, Fraud & Abuse, Google
  3. Network Security (anti-bot, DDoS, open DNS resolvers) – Jaya Baloo, CISO, KPN; Roland Dobbins, Arbor Networks


You can still get a FREE pass to the trade show floor, and anyone can attend this Security Workshop in Amsterdam!

We hope to meet you at BBWF! Here’s a recap of where we’ll be:

  • Security Workshop
    Content Hub 2 (Trade Show Floor)
    Tuesday, 22 October
    1:30PM – 3:00PM
  • IPv6 Session
    During the IP Evolution Track
    Tuesday, 22 October
    4:45PM – 6:15PM
  • Internet Society Booth
    Trade Show Floor
    Stand #G14

We’ll see you in Amsterdam!