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Video: Geoff Huston at RIPE67 – Great Charts On The Global State of IPv6 Deployment

Geoff Huston at RIPE 67Today at RIPE67 in Athens, APNIC’s Geoff Huston gave a great presentation on “Global State of IPv6 Deployment Since IPv6 Launch Day“.  As we’ve mentioned before (related to DNSSEC), Geoff’s team at APNIC is using an innovative system of Flash-based ads running via web ad networks to do all sorts of Internet measurements.  In this RIPE67 presentation, he looks at what they’ve seen with regard to IPv6 deployment all around the world.  His IPv6 measurements are different from those of Google and so it is useful to see results out of another measurement system.

While looking at where IPv6 is being deployed,  he looked at who is deploying IPv6 and pointed to networks like Verizon’s wireless LTE network in the US that now are running over 40% IPv6! Geoff then looked at the performance of IPv6 networks and was pleasantly surprised at what he found.   His conclusion is that IPv6 deployment is definitely happening and the excuses operators give for waiting are going away.

The video of Geoff’s talk is available from RIPE’s website.  Geoff’s slides, full of all sorts of interesting IPv6 charts, are also available.  His talk is about 20 minutes followed by a few minutes of questions.  It’s well worth the time!

What are you waiting for to get IPv6 deployed?  How can we help you?  (Check out our list of IPv6 resources as a place to start.)