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Comcast and Time Warner Show Dramatic Increases In IPv6 Deployment

Great news posted over on the World IPv6 Launch site today – both Comcast and Time Warner Cable in North America have show rather dramatic increases in their deployment of IPv6.  Based on the latest published IPv6 measurements, the World IPv6 Launch article included this chart for Comcast:

Comcast IPv6 growthAnd this chart for Time Warner Cable:

Both of those show a trend definitely going in the right direction!  Congrats to the network operation teams at both Internet service providers for making this happen!

Additionally the article pointed out that Google’s IPv6 adoption statistics continue to climb, again showing a very nice upward trend.

All of it goes to show that IPv6 deployment IS happening!  If you haven’t deployed IPv6 yet, please do check out our IPv6 resources and let us know how we can help you get connected before you get left behind!