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Deploy360@IETF88: Day 2 – SIDR, DNSOP, 6tisch, 6lo and the IPv6 Briefing Panel

IETF LogoDay 2 at IETF88 includes the primary sessions this week about DNSSEC (in DNSOP) as well as secure routing (SIDR).  There are also two working groups focusing on IPv6 in various network configurations (6lo and 6tisch).  Do note that the meeting of the GROW working group was canceled for today.

The other big event happening in just a few hours is the “Internet Society @ IETF Briefing Panel: IPv6 – What Does Success Look Like?” where we will be live-streaming out what looks like will be an outstanding discussion about the state of IPv6 deployment today and where it will be going.  The session starts at 11:45am Pacific time (19:45 UTC).

For more information about these sessions today, we’d encourage you to read our “Rough Guide to IETF88” documents about:

Information about the four sessions today, including the links for the audio streams, the slides and the Jabber chat rooms, is:

For these sessions and all the others, the “tools-style agenda” for IETF 88 provides many helpful links for remote participants.

If you’d like to meet with the Deploy360 team here at IETF88, please see our post about where we’ll be at IETF88.